“Never say ‘No’ never say ‘I cannot’, for you are infinite. All power is within you. You can do anything.”

— Swami Vivekananda



May the blessings of the Divine Mother ease the hurt in our hearts. May She, the Giver of Plenty, bestow upon us Peace, Joy, Good Health and Prosperity. May you and your loved ones be happy, healthy, safe and financially secure.
May the New Year 2021 usher in a World that is kind, considerate and beneficial to all creation.

असतो मा सद्गमय । तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय । मृत्योर्माऽमृतं गमय ॥

asato mā sadgamaya //
amaso mā jyotirgamaya, //
mṛtyormā’mṛtaṃ gamaya

Lead us from falsehood to Truth.
Lead us from darkness to Light.
Lead us from death to Immortality.


As much as we would love to see you here at Kali Mandir on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, it is not possible this year. Kali Mandir will be closed for the holiday. We will have to be content to worship together via the Internet and send love to you with our minds and hearts. You can be present by sending us your name (gotra if you have one) to devotees@kalimandir.org. We will make sure to place your name at the feet of Sri Ma Dakshineswari Kali on New Year’s Eve and keep it there throughout New Year’s Day.

Instead of the usual kirtan and reading, Swami Bhajanananda will start a special puja at 11 pm on December 31, asking Ma Kali to bestow Her blessings on us in the New Year. At midnight, we will have our traditional midnight arati to usher in the New Year with light, bells and drums. We will start broadcasting via FaceBook Live at 10:30 pm. If you have not tuned in before, you can go to our Facebook page.

Swami Bhajanananda will perform the first Kali puja in the New Year at 11 am which will be broadcast on FaceBook Live. January 1 is “Kalpaturu Day,” a very special day for devotees. Sri Ramakrishna entered an ecstatic mood on January 1, 1886 at the Cossipore garden house. Though ill, he came downstairs to the garden path and touched the devotees one by one, saying: “What more need I tell you? I bless you all. May you be illumined (Chaitanya Hok)!”


A Gift For You

Usha Ma took this rare footage inside the Dakshineswar Kali temple in the late 1980s. It captures Sri Haradhan Chakraborti performing morning Kali puja in front of Ma Bhavatarini.

This video was professionally edited, color balanced and sound engineered. We are making it available free of charge during this difficult time. If you appreciate our efforts in producing more such videos and would like to contribute, you are welcome to donate to Kali Mandir.


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