The Tantric Way of the Goddess Kali

  Ramakrishna of Bengal by Dr. Lex Hixon Excerpt from Coming Home, the Experience of Enlightenment in Sacred Traditions, Larson Publications, Burdett, 1995, (pp. 25-40). Ramakrishna was completely at home in all the moods of spiritual expression he encountered, from Christianity and Islam to widely contrasting strands of Hinduism. Born in 1836 in a rural village of Bengal untouched by European influence, Ramakrishna expressed a universal spiritual vision rare in any culture. He experienced all religions as a single spectrum of wisdom and devotion, as a communion of the Divine with the Divine in which both worshiper and worshiped emerge [...]

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Yielding to the Storm of Kali

  By Elizabeth Usha Harding This article, written in 1992, first appeared in Tattva-Sangarba, the journal of the Sringiri Shankaracharia Math, India. A portion was also published in Tantra Magazine and Light of Consciousness. There's a sacred wind blowing, heralding the dawn of mysticism. I feel it, my friends feel it, and the news media has started writing about it. We are waiting with bated breath for the day to come when mystics will inhabit the world, when Christians, Muslims, Jews and Hindus get so intoxicated with love for the God of their heart that their differences melt into a [...]

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Worship of Shakti

  By Swami Sivananda Saraswati of Rishikesh Excerpt from Bhakti Yoga, Life and Works of Swami Shivananda, Vol. 5, Divine Life Society, Shivanandanagar, 1986 (pp. 282-287). The Divine Mother, Devi, Mahesvari or Para-Shakti is the supreme shakti or power of the Supreme Being. Shakti is the energy aspect of the Lord. It is inherent in God. Just as you cannot separate heat form fire, so also you cannot separate shakti form God, the Shakta, or the possessor of shakti. Shakti and Shakta are one. They are inseparable. Devi, Kurga, Kali, Bhagavati, Bhavani, Ambal, Ambika, Jagadambe, Kamesvari, Ganga, Uma, Chandi, Chamundi, [...]

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Treasures From Dakshineswar

  An interview with Sri Haradhan Chakraborti During a car trip to San Diego, Gita and Usha were able to pose some questions to Haradhanji, the head priest of the Dakshineswar Kali Temple. The following is a transcribed translation of this informal Bengali interview. Kali Mandir: Many Indians and Westerners are frightened of Kali. Why? Haradhan Chakraborti: There is no reason for it. Everybody has a sense of right and wrong. Fear comes from this sense. Some people walk alone along deserted roads, thinking, "So what if robbers come? So what if wild dogs come?" On the other hand, some [...]

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Tantric Hindu Ritual

A brief overview by Swami Bhajanananda Saraswati Puja is an ancient and powerful Tantric system of worship consisting of mantra, mudra, visualization, ritual action, meditation and offerings. There are layers of symbolic, philosophical, mystic and devotional meanings in each practice. What follows is a simple introduction to some of the technical aspect of puja based on the Tantric scriptures and oral tradition. Puja can be thought of consisting of several main parts: purification, divinization, worship of the various aspects of Divinity and the internal and external worship of the Divine Mother. Purification starts with sipping of water charged with the [...]

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Swami Vivekananda on Mother Kali

  "Mother, I Want Nothing But Knowledge and Devotion!" Excerpt from The Life of Swami Vivekananda by His Eastern and Western Disciples, Advaita Ashrama, Calcutta, 1974, (pp 94-96). One day the idea struck me that God listened to Sri Ramakrishna's prayers. So why should I not ask him to pray for me for the removal of my pecuniary wants, a favor the Master would never deny me. I hurried to Dakshineswar and insisted on his making an appeal on behalf of my starving family. He said, "My boy, I can't make such demands. But why don't you go and ask [...]

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