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Divine advent anniversary of Goddess Bagalamukhi, the eighth of the Dasmahavidyas.

Our prayer on this Bagalamukhi Jayanti:

bagalā-mukhi sarva-dushtā-nām vācham mukham padam stam-bhāya jihvām kīlāya buddhim vināshaya

“Oh Bhagalamukhi, paralyze the speech and feet of all the wicked, pull their tongue and destroy their intellect.” (Internal meaning: “Oh Bagalamukhi, may all my unclean, uncontrolled or hurtful thoughts be stilled by Your beauty — choking my speech and overwhelming my mind.”)

“Oh Mother, the power of stopping all things in the microcosm and the macrocosm, is Your simple great power as Bagla.”
~from Uma Sahasram of Ganapati Muni (38:17)


May 19, 2021