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Sorry for the inconvenience. Kali Mandir will be closed for at least a couple of weeks, because we are renovating Ma’s temple room. With your loving help and support, we were able to come up with a budget for renovation. Our lighting has been bad for years. We are constructing special soffits for installing 20 wall washers. These will light up the beautiful wooden ceiling and provide warm, indirect lighting to the temple room. We are also adding 24 down lights that will focus on Ma, deities and paintings. The plan calls for a lot of lights, but because they are LED, the should not increase our electricity bill. When we removed the paintings, we realized that the temple room is definitely ready for a new paint job. Ma’s curtains went for dry cleaning, and Ma’s carpets will undergo a special shampoo treatment. We purchased four stained glass yantras that will spread light and auspiciousness from above in the cupola. We are also modernizing our sound system.

By Ma’s grace, all will be done beautifully within the next couple of weeks, and Ma and devotees can enjoy a fresh temple room by Navaratri. Kindly check our Website for updates on the renovation project.


August 7, 2017
September 1, 2017