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Ēkādaśi is the eleventh day of the lunar cycle sacred to Lord Vishnu. It is often observed by fasting from grains and increased spiritual practice such as japa and kirtan. At Kali Mandir we observe ekadasi with a special worship of Hanuman and the recitation of Sri Rama Sankirtana, a litany of  hymns and names of Lord Rama.

There are 24 ekadasis each year, each with specific names and different benefits. Devutthana Ekadashi or Prabodhini Ekadashi is considered as one of the most significant  ekadasis in the Hindu culture. It is observed on the eleventh day in the Kartik month during the Shukla Paksha. The day marks the conclusion of the Chaturmas which is a phase of four months when Lord Vishnu is believed to sleep. Lord Vishnu sleeps on the eve of Ekadashi in the Ashada month during Shukla Paksha and then directly wakes up on the eve of Devutthana Ekadashi. It is believed that, during the period of these four months, no auspicious task is performed by the individuals. And only after Lord Vishnu wakes up, all the auspicious and religious tasks can take place.


November 14, 2021