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dakshinesweri2During last year’s Shyama Kali Puja, Kali Mandir was overrun by a huge crowd of people, most of whom we didn’t even know.  Our regular devotees, some of whom traveled all the way from New York to attend this special puja, could not even get into the room.  We cannot safely accommodate such crowds which include the elderly, physically challenged, children and babies.

Due to safety issues and out of consideration for our neighbors and the City of Laguna Beach, we will not be holding a public Shyama Kali Amavasya puja this year.  We will allow devotees to have darshan of Sri Ma Dakshineswari Kali on that day.  Kali Mandir will be open for darshan from 10am-noon and again for darshan from 6pm-9pm.  If attendance gets too large, kindly just pranam to Ma and make room for other devotees to have darshan also. 

Thank you for your cooperation. Jai Ma!



October 29, 2016