An evening with Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Ma Jaya has given her life to serve the terminally ill, people with AIDS, people who suffer. A disciple of Neem Karoli Baba, Ma Jaya is an artist, activist, poet, writer and an ecstatic lover of the Divine Mother Kali, and one of the most colorful spiritual leaders this country has produced.

I sit here in darshan with hundreds of chelas (students) between my black Divine Mother Kali and myself. I have brought Her out of Her temple, my six-foot, black satin Mother, made of marble, weighing over a thousand pounds. I have brought Her out for the world to see Her, for the world to know that Kali has come to the West. Her sword drips with the blood of egotistical minds; She holds a head representing those slain egos. Around Her waist are 1,008 hands crunched together, because how can one commit karma against humanity without hands?

She offers boons and definitely assures safety to Her disciples as She crushes their egos in the cremation grounds, burning what is left on the funeral pyre. She stalks these cremation grounds looking for that which would hurt Her chelas, and I stare in Her eyes with my chelas between us, and I am in awe of Her mercy, forgiveness, passion and deep love for Her children.

Mother strikes when you least expect it. She gives of Her breast, filled with the nectar of the Ganga flowing constantly, easing the pain of so many and allowing others to enjoy the fruit of her labored evening; for She is the night stalker, She who eats your nightmares and creates a dawn.

This night, before my chelas, I give thanks, thanks that I am allowed and honored and permitted to worship Her quite openly now, with conch, water, flowers, and the sacrifice of human ego. She is my Mother and I am but a simple child allowed to stay upon her knee and suckle Her breast in ecstasy. She who saved the great God Shiva from the deadly poison He swallowed, She certainly will save us all from any poison that comes near us. Oh, how I give thanks, how I always shall. I run to the smashan (cremation ground) each night, crying out, “Kali, never forsake me, for I am Yours to do with as You wish.”

Jai Kali Ma!